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3 new publications

posted Apr 7, 2013, 10:45 AM by
The Chair will participate in two international peer-review conferences on occasion of the presentation of research in progress:

Autissier D., Giraud L., Moutot JM., (2013), Monitoring employees’ attitudes and behaviors towards change: a longitudinal study of the stages of change implementation, XI International Scientific Conference called “Management and Engineering’13”, organized via the UNESCO Chair “Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Change Management”, 23-26 June - Sofia, Bulgaria.

Autissier D., Ben Lahouel B., Peretti JM., (2013), Can we evaluate change project efficiency within the context of the environmental agenda?, 50th Annual Meeting of the Eastern Academy of Management, May 8-11, 2013 - Maryland, USA.

In addition, a new article from the Chair is to be published soon in the scientific review Corporate Governance:

Autissier D., Ben Lahouel B., Peretti JM., (2013), Stakeholder Power and corporate social performance: The Ownership Effect, Corporate Governance, 03/2013, Accepted and to be published