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Learning Expedition 2018 - India

The next Learning Expedition is scheduled for India from June 4 to 8, 2018 and will be with our Indian partner Firebird / Emily Métais Research Associate at the Chair will be in charge of organizing this program.

A first macro-program proposed by Professor Mouloud Madoum proposes
- Meetings with managers of large companies in Coimbatore and Tamil Nadu (including some CEOs). 2 days
- Meetings in CHENNAI or coimbatore of IT companies. A day-visit of the Silicon Valley of Chennai can be envisaged. and / or a day in Bangalore at IT City.
- A cultural day coimbatore: the famous center of Yoga ISHA, half an hour, or / and OOTY station is 3 hours away from here.

The chair takes care of all the organization and the visits on the spot. The companies finance the air tickets and the hotel on the spot.

We would need to know the interested people before February 20 knowing that an optimum group is between 15/20 people.

Thank you for contacting Emily Métais, Christiane Deshais and myself the intentions of participations.