Int'l meeting on Change Management 2013

On 18 and 19 September 2013 were held international meetings leading change in Paris. September 19 was an opportunity to share innovative practices in change management. To mark this day, ESSEC Awards Change were presented to the following companies: Allianz, Imprimerie Nationale, La Poste, Sarp-Veolia, SNCF

The ESSEC Awards of Change 2013

were presented September 20, 2013, on the occasion of the second International Meetings of Change Management. These awards recognize companies that have taken significant actions to change, both in the results in the way of doing things.

Companies Presentation : Presentation Thierry RAYNARD, SNCF

Présentation Thierry RAYNARD, SNCF

Communications 2nd International Meetings 2013 - Employees and change

Actes RICC 2013

You can access photos and video of the ceremony trophies ESSEC Awards of change made ​​by our partner, the Julhiet group.