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André Lestienne

Director of Hospital
Former Director General of NECH

2002 - 2015: General Manager of the National Centre of Expertise Hospital

The National Centre National Expertise (NCEH). advisory body, auditing and training that offers benefits for the hospital sector. Created in 1974 NCEH consists of 70 permanent employees and more than 200 experts contractors .In 2016 it had a turnover of over 10 million €

The NCEH specializes in the organization, management and hospital management.

At the head of NCEH as CEO of NCEH for fifteen years I served a dual function within the NCEH: a strategy function and a function of consulting and training.

Recent publications related to managing change

From project management to change management Lestienne André Olivier Cannarella
Hospital Management Journal in February 2013
What management training for hospital directors (Evaluation Report CNEH management pulpit EHESP March 2014
Co-Efficient: a participatory model of change management (preliminary study to create a companion device change with David Autissier November 2014)