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Valérie Lehmann is an associate professor at the School of Management Sciences at the Université du Québec à Montréal. She holds an MBA and a PhD in HEC Montréal. She has been a project manager for more than 15 years in France and Canada. She has been an interpreter and trainer for Essec since 2003. Her research interests, consulting mandates and publications focus on the management of change projects, agility, stakeholder management and co-innovation schemes. As a societal projects specialist, she is an associate researcher with several Chairs and international research groups. Currently, the studies in which it participates concern citizen participation in major urban projects, changes in behavior in the face of climatic risks, knowledge in the service of design science and the creation of value generated by citizen projects.Valérie Lehmann recently co-authored two collective works: Communication and Major Projects: New Challenges (PUQ, 2013) and Change and Major Projects: Choices Committed (PUQ, 2015). It prepares in 2017 a third collective book on Livings Labs and the collective construction of societal projects.