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Our next meetings

posted Jun 19, 2014, 8:11 AM by

- On 24 June 18h/19h30 to ESSEC (CNIT Defence) Mr David AUTISSIER present the C2C certification in change. C2C Certification

- June 26 at 18:30 at ESSEC (CNIT Defence), you are invited to participate in the conference organized by the ESSEC HR Club:

"Towards the organisation of learning; business Universities MOOCS, learning networks and the development of collective intelligence"

Chris Argyris and Peter Senge have pioneered the concept of the organisation of learning which has been developing since the late 90s, This concept has its roots in Jean Piaget's research into learning methods and the emergence of children's intelligence, (learning by accommodation, assimilation) 

Companies confronted with the limitation of the traditional forms of training have taken hold of  these new ways of thinking and have been experimenting for several years with different approaches, allowing them to develop learning methods.

To shed light on these differents perspectives and discover how present organisations addressed the challenge of learning and the development of the capacity to react, the ESSEC HR Club is pleased to invite you to a roundtable on the topic :

"Towards the organisation of learning ; business Universities MOOCS, learning networks and the development of collective intelligence "

Guests speakers

- Steve Fiehl Managing Director of Cross Knowledge and expert in Pedagogical Innovation that will put into perspective the key question of Education opening the doors of the most recent pedagogical methods.

- Alexandre Guillard Assistant Director of the collective intelligence direction at the Group COVEA will explain the original way of which his companie retructured in order to develop new learning methods on individual, collective and organisation levels.

- Eric Mellet Director of Development and Commercial Training in Management of professional product at L'Oréal. He is the founder of Matrix Sales University, he is now stearing the operations of the L'Oréal Sales Academy in 72 countries.

He will show us via by an exemple of intrapreneurship how to develop the company university in order to present a new way of living commercial relationships.

Welcome to the stimulating roundtable

This session replaces the one initially programmed on June 16th

Jean Marie Peretti (E67) and Corinne Forasacco (B95) 

Co-Heads of ESSEC HR Club 

- On 24 and 25 September will be the international meeting of change management on the subject of digital change: International Meetings of Change Management 2014