10 partner companies

The ESSEC Chair of Change Management is a multi-company chair with 10 partners.

The contractual term is 3 years so as to allow the realisation of substantial actions of research.

The partner companies finance the activities of the Chair and benefit from a tax exemption equivalent to 60% of the amount of their contribution to the corporate tax up to 60% of their turnover.



A French leading company on the markets of collective retirement and insurance plans. 7,633 employees.

P. Arcangeli, Human Resource Director
S. Houlière, Training Director
A. Lange, Training Director 


A major French insurance corporation. It is listed on the Fortune Global 500. 4,680 employees. 1 billion € profits in 2010.

H. de Vauplane, General Secretary
J.-J. Nahmias, Coordination Director 


Positioned exclusively on the health sector since 1974, CNEH is now one of the preferred partners of hospitals and medico-social and institutional. 
A. Lestienne, Director


Covéa a mutual insurance group company (SGAM) French brands including bringing together GMF, MAAF and MMA.
P. Denis, Director of Innovation and Performance Collective Practices - General Management Technology and Information Systems


Bénédicte Crété-Dambricourt, Devopment HR Group
Michel Cornuau, Groupama University
Patricia Chantalat, Groupama University


FDJ designs, produces and distributes gaming, divided into three ranges: the draw games and express games, scratch cards and sports betting

J-Y. Guillain, Transformation directorate
J-C. Buvat, Transformation directorate

The electricity transmission system operator of France, the Europe's largest. 4,126 million € of profits and 8,279 employees in 2007.

E. Cachen, Change management 
B. Signé, Associate Director 

A French multinational pharmaceutical company headquartered in Paris, France, the world's fourth-largest by prescription sales. 5,6 billion € of profits and113,719 employees in 2011.

E. Lainé, Director of the Change Management Department
S. Gouvion, Change Management Department 


A French multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in Paris. France's second largest bank and the no. 8 bank in the European zone. 2,3 billion € of profits and 159,616 employees in 2011.

J.-P. Le Cam, Change Management and Organization Director

France's national state-owned railway company. Ranked 22nd in France and 214th globally on the Fortune Global 500 list and 180,000 employees in 120 countries in 2010.

G. Barbier, TER Contract Manager
T. Raynard, Cohesion and HR Director